Build a Cart for Outboard Motors

These plans are for a cart to haul your outboard motor around after removing it.

This outboard motor cart has everything.

It's strong enough to handle a 40-horsepower engine; it's rigid enough to allow it to be used as a repair stand, even to cranking; it hauls a gas tank, with room left for a tool box; it's so well balanced that a child or a woman can move a big engine easily; and it folds compactly in 10 seconds by removing one pin which also locks it in the folded position.

What's more it's light, easy to build and cheap.

If the materials are salvaged from scrapped toys and discarded pieces of pipe, it can be built for peanuts. Even if used materials are purchased and spot welding is paid for, the cost shouldn't be too high. A cart incorporating all its features would sell for a good deal more.

Outboard Motor Cart Plans

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