Arkansas Traveller Jon Boat Restoration

Discussion in 'Main Area' started by RDJ, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. RDJ

    RDJ Administrator Staff Member



    Got this on the plate for this month.

    My Grandfather's 1960's Arkansas Traveler jon boat. My uncle got the wood back on the rub rails, but the inside needs a bunch of work still.

    This thing is heavy! I have a 10 HP Mercury to strap on it, but I think it will just putt putt with that little power.

    The second image is not my boat, but the same vintage since the first pic has some issues with the shadows.

    Anyhoo!!! Fun times for the spring! 565.JPG 608.JPG
  2. RDJ

    RDJ Administrator Staff Member

    Looks like they had a cool paint job / bottom job on them, you can see in both pics it's worn off.
  3. Hank L

    Hank L New Member

    I think that a 10hp won't push you as fast as you'd like, probably won't plane out. That's a good sized boat. But, 10hp will move it around a lake, just not fast. Great project.
  4. RDJ

    RDJ Administrator Staff Member


    I have a couple of concerns of course.

    I'm a little worried about power to weight ratio. It might turn out to be a fix up / sell project. The seats are almost done (wood) to replace. But I'm also concerned about leaks. I have a MIG with aluminum gas, but I don't have a feeder gun. So it's mostly just a pain in the butt to even attempt it.
  5. eltro

    eltro New Member

    Make any progress or is the weather keeping you indoors? LOL
  6. Pablo S Stevens

    Pablo S Stevens New Member

  7. bloxorz

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  9. andrewsymond

    andrewsymond New Member

    I believe that a 10hp won't push you as quick as you'd like, most likely won't plane out. That is a decent measured watercraft. Be that as it may, 10hp will move it around a lake, just not quick. Awesome task.
  10. Matthew Negron

    Matthew Negron New Member

    Wow, look at the boat! It looks like an entire new, different one. Looking forward to hearing about your travels and leave my testimonials on MyPaperWriter so more people knew about it!
  11. Anna shetty Shetty

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