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Discussion in 'Main Area' started by Duckdude, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Duckdude

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    Are there plans to put more info on the website? It's been the same for a while. I didn't know you had put the forum up until I came back looking for some new ones today.

    and by the way, cool site!!

  2. RDJ

    RDJ Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the site. Or to the forum, anyway! YES, there are some plans to add a few more projects. I'd like to get after that in a month or so. Keep your eyes peeled here.
  3. jeppers

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  4. GordonD7

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    Awesome, if I find some different ideas I'll show them here also.
  5. Johnny Rockrohar

    Johnny Rockrohar New Member

    I will be presenting a new modern version of the vintage two seat car design project that is coming by July.
    The prototype of this vehicle has already produced and undergone and passed rigorous driving testing
    and is currently in the final stages of the hand made body's preparation for painting.
    See attachments for basic construction and an artist's drawing rendition of the final body design.
    This vehicle's design is taken from the hand built pre world war 1 era which were then known as the
    "Cyclecars" prior to manufacturing.
    This vehicle was selected for the simplicity of design, which had the best power to weight ratio formula
    which is fundamental for vehicle's energy efficiency and the best fuel economy. All component parts used
    are new manufactured tested mountain bicycle parts that are easily obtainable and inexpensive for builders
    that create a better quality 21st century modern machine. (power to weight ratio curb weight 350 pounds. with
    an 420 cc motor)
    For those who lack tools, mechanical skills or simply a place to assemble a kit from plans, support is offered
    on all levels, so an individual can choose which level of assembly participation best suits their personal needs.
    For more details write to : [email protected]

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  7. Joshdr21

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    I will be soon renovating the old backyard swimming pool into a fresh new spa atmosphere. We weren't using the swimming since a long time and my wife and I decided to use this portion to look like a Spa.

    This new found interest was after our vacation in Mexico last summer. We enjoyed the positive vibes we got from there. We got more ideas and inspiration from this article on how to give your pool into a Spa Hopefully, we will be starting the work in the spring of 2017.

    I will surely post the pics once it's completed.
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