Build a Wooden Long Bow Plans

These Popular Mechanics plans are for a wooden long bow, or a flat bow, and include arrow making information.

Whether you try for perfect archery target shooting, or take your archery with a dash of small game hunting, you will find keen enjoyment in this ancient sport.

Making the tackle is simple. Size of tackle: The first thing to know is what size of bow and length of arrow to use. This depends entirely on your physique, and particularly your reach. If your reach is 64 in., you can use an arrow 25 to 26 in. long, with a bow not less than 5 ft. 3 in. from tip to tip, Fig. 5. The weight of the bow, that is, the number of pounds pull required to draw it, depends on your muscular development. Most men can draw a 50 to 60-lb. bow, but a 35 to 40-lb. bow is the best weight for general shooting, and good scores can be made with the 25 and 30-pounders.

The long bow has a deep or "stacked" body, which is generally recognized as the best type of bow shape.

The flat bow is easier to make than the long one and can be 3-4 inches shorter for the same arrow size.

Long Bow Plans