You've Been Drafted - Now What?

This is an article about what new troops would expect entering the Army during WWII.

From the article:

Let's say that your number has been drawn, and the local board's exam has resulted in you reporting for twelve month's training as required by Selective Service, and you're wondering what comes next.

Mister, you're in the Army now! You and others alled at the same time by your local board, are on your way to one of the 100 induction stations - similar to recruiting offices - set up throughout the United States.

From there you will go to a reception center for your first real contact with the U. S. Army. Your records will be completed, uniform issued, vaccinations administered and you will be interviewed to determine the military duty for which you may be best fitted. Then comes assignment to a particular organization.

When the bugler-you'll learn to love him-awakens you that first morning in the army, you'll discover that every man in the unit is a selectee, just like yourself. So there will be none of the self-consciousness that you'd be sure to experience if you, a rookie, found yourself among veteran soldiers. Uncle Sam is keeping the selectees together until they are trained thoroughly in the fundamentals.....

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