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    What direction for VP?

    I also do have a fun set of metal working plans lined up and ready to go. During the holiday I could work on that.
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    What direction for VP?

    I'd love it! You should see my stack of actual, physical copies of these. Welcome!
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    What direction for VP?

    Who wants more farm, or more welding, or woodshop?
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    What direction for VP?

    Yeah I like the weird stuff too! There are so many projects I have in the line to put up that are so cool and old school
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    Belt Sander Rebuild

    LOL don't burn the place down! I picked up an old electric drill once that I figured I'd use as a backup, and when I plugged it in, the dang thing threw wires from the winding out of the exhaust holes. I tossed that bad boy in the trash!
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    Belt Sander Races?

    Dude! Check this out, this is close to me in Texas
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    Belt Sander Races?

    I have heard of this hobby, belt sander races / belt sand racing, whatever you want to call it. Anyone compete? We need to get some belt sander racer plans around here. Sounds like a weird hobby, and if you're here, odds are good you may be in to weird hobbies. Ha! Have fun.
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    What direction for VP?

    I'm trying to decide on the direction that VP will take. Anyone got suggestions?
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    What's shaking in your world?

    Posting Questions? Site Questions? Let us know! Also, FYI, no SPAM is going to fly here. Get real.
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    Mini Bike Building

    I forget in the last thread - I have built a few mini bikes, also. One was a "bar stool racer" which I definitely need to find pics and show the blood from my buddy wrecking it. Wow not a good idea to turn that guy loose on a bar stool with a big engine on it!
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    Anyone built a go kart?

    I have built several, and repaired a couple too. I think I might be retired from go kart racing, but dang do I love a good old fashioned "yard cart" go kart. Tearing around the neighborhood. Good memories! I'll have to dig up some pics. Anyone else got some handy?
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    What in the world with the wood projects?

    Don't you get a kick out of this too? Build a garden tractor from a wood frame!
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    I always laugh at this project ...

    https://vintageprojects.com/power-tools/band-saw-made-wood I would (wood?) love to see someone actually make this. What a trip.
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    Forum Rules!

    This is the "whatever goes" forum. THAT SAID, NO POLITICS AND NO RELIGION. Otherwise keep it tasteful, or at the very least, funny. This isn't the place to troll people, be offensive, or in general just be a jerk. This is to have FUN! So if it's not really Vintage related, it can go here...