Bale Loader

Puts hay bales into your farm truck with ease.

Concrete Block Maker

Can produce 100 concrete blocks per hour.

Cement Mixer

Plans for a powered cement mixer.

Mini Dump Truck

Little truck for running around the ranch. Put what you need in the back and dump it wherever.

Farm and Construction Machines Plans

Conveyor Belt Elevator

Just like having a bunch of hired help! Put the bales, dirt, grain, etc on the conveyor and point it where you want them to go. Lifts hay to tops of barns.

Truck Bed Spreader

Truck attachment for spreading limestone on roads or on fields.

Hay Bale Cart

Pick up hay bales and move them around with this balanced cart.

Manual Hoist

Geared winch that you could put on your jeep, tractor, truck, etc. Essential to get your machines out of soggy pastures.