Build Sidewalk Electric Cars - How To Plans

These are three different plans for battery electric powered sidewalk cars for kids.

From the "Classic Car" plans:

"With its black fabric top, leather dashboard straps and gas headlamps, this bright red replica of its prototype—the open roadster of the early years of this century—will bring a twinge of nostalgia to grownups and a shriek of delight from the younger set.

It does a safe, quiet 5 miles per hour, has a 12-volt electrical system driving a 12-volt automobile generator which serves as the motor, and carries its own built-in battery charger. It's great for everyday fun on the sidewalk and sensational in the local Fourth of July parade.

You can buy nearly all of the parts at your hardware store or at an automotive-parts store. Assembly is not difficult, particularly if you follow the drawings carefully."

Classic Touring Car

Racer Type Car

Classic Car