Build a Roll-a-Ball Game

These are plans for a game called Roll a Ball.

YOUNGSTERS worn out by the "creative" toys and push-button monsters they got for Christmas will find this game a welcome relief. It's plain fun, with emphasis on coordination, not education.

It's as simple to construct (mostly from scraps) as it is to play. The principle is to zigzag a large marble or steel ball from the starting position shown above through the pivoting parallel bars to the base.

You've got to manipulate the levers skillfully to avoid inclining the bars so much that the marble shoots past the projecting catch-end of the next-lower bar. And even when you master this, you must reverse the pitch at just the right moment to send the caught ball in a new direction. If you seesaw the bars too much, the ball just rocks back and forth at the center. When you've mastered this, add a second ball at the top when the first is halfway down.

How to Build a Roll a Ball Game