Milling Unit for Lathe

Drill-vise mounted milling unit for metal lathe.

Metal Turning Conversion

Convert your wood-turning lathe to turn metal.

Lathe Milling Attachment

Two plans for making a milling attachment to add use to your lathe.

Offset Taper Center

Two plans to make an offset center for turning tapered tail stock.

Pipe Center

Easily centers up to 4.25" pipe.

Tap Holder

Quick and fast tap holder for your convenience.

Live End Boring Bar

Bore using the live center of the lathe.

Machine Shop Project Plans

Hobby Lathe

Start making parts with this simple home hobby lathe.

Turret Lathe

Another lathe plan, featuring a turret, is more advanced.

Wood Lathe - Treadle Action

Foot operated wood lathe.

Wood Lathe

Electric powered wood lathe.

Miniature Model Maker's Lathe

Precision metal lathe for model work.

Lathe Bench

Great workbench for the lathe.