Build a Deep Throated Band Saw

These vintage plans are for a old-style handheld belt sander.

Given the state of today's belt sanders, building this one might just save you a pile of cash.

Simple and inexpensive to build the power sander described here finds hundreds of uses around the shop, especially in surfacing large areas -- such as boat planing, interior floors, and the larger furniture projects. The sander can be readily fitted with a bench stand for edging and jointing straight stock.

The frame is true DIY. The supporting arm/pulley system is made from bicycle pedals and cranks. Each pulley is made from hardwood and to the same dimensions

The framewark im made from a length of 2-in. angle iron to which is welded a shorter metal plate of the same width to make a U-shaped frame...

[read the full plans in the PDF]

How to Build a Belt Sander saw