Small Scooter Plans with Gas Engine

These are two different plans for gas powered scooters you can build.

Build this gas powered scooter in your garage, and then take it for a spin! Check your local laws, based on equipment you may be able to drive your scooter on the street legally.

This scooter is a simple, sit down style. It's a lot of fun for keeping up with go karts, tooling around the neightborhood, and exploring. Though not intended for off road use, one could probably go trail riding because of the sturdy design.

Using a small 2.5 hp engine, this project could drive around for hours on one tank of gas.

Scooters are a great way to get your kids interested in motors and machinery. Just put them in charge of repairs, and they'll soon learn the ins and outs of small motors. Then give them a budget for custom work and watch them dream up cool accessories for the scooter.

But first, use our easy to build free plans and create that scooter!