Build a Uranium Detector

These plans show you how to make a Uranium detector. Strike it rich!

The scintillometer, an instrument used for the measuring of radioactivity, is simplified for home-building in these amazing plans. The unit has been designed for prospecting for uranium, and for what is lacks in perfect results, it has in portability.

The designers went prospecting around Colorado to test it, and found quite a few different types of rock containing uranium. The problem is that most of these are loose rocks, and must be traced back to where they came from -- the so-called mother lode. Do this, and you'll never work again!

river boatThere are many companies who will buy good claims, but never be hasty in selling. Get the best deal you can, but be sure you don't sell out completely. Always keep a certain amount of stock for yourself so that if the claim develops into a well paying mine you'll strike it rich -- every month! And be sure to send us a check, too!

Build a Uranium Detector For Prospecting