Coal Burning Forge

Make this coal forge in your shop and you'll be blacksmithing in no time. Electric blower and integrated quench tank.

Gas Furnace

Pre-heat or melt metal quickly and cheaply in your workshop with this gas-fired furnace.

Press Brake

Bend sheet metal for making home hobby projects like radios.

Metal Shaper

Manually operated metal shaper.

How to Harden Steel

Increase the hardness of your steel with this quick case-hardening method.

Metal Working and Welding Projects

Auto Arc Welder (DC)

If you can drive there, you can weld there with this 200 amp under-hood arc welder.

Spot Welder

Make short work of sheet metal with this spot welder, doubles as an arc welder.

Arc Welding Gun

Hold the electrode for easy spot weld, tacks, and hole cutting with this accessory.

Sand Blaster

Clean metal for painting, welding, etc with this easy to make sand blaster rig.