Build a BBQ Accessory Cart Plans

These plans are to build a wooden BBQ cart for prep work and BBQ accessories.

All the tools of the barbecue art are right at hand in this weather-resistant cart. You even have an outlet for such items as an electric fire starter or grill rotisserie.

The original was made of redwood, but you can use any other wood.

Start by cutting all of the body parts, adding holes, grooves, and cutouts as indicated on the drawing. Use waterproof glue and 1¼" #8 wood screws for assembly. Glue in the wood hole buttons, sand the body, apply one coat of sealer-stain followed by two coats of clear exterior varnish.

Assemble the axle and wheels to the front legs and the rubber-cushioned glide to the back leg. A weatherproof outlet, with safety caps, is recommended if the cart will be exposed to inclement weather when not in use. Tie a strain-relief knot in the cord before inserting it through the hole in the back frame. Large screw hooks at each end of the back frame below the handle provide storage for the cord.

The top can be made from ¾" plywood covered with plastic laminate if a surplus sink cutout is not available from a local cabinetmaking shop. The position and size of the pan and shaker cutouts can be altered to suit those items which you may have on hand. The cutting board also may vary in size and shape.

Make a BBQ Accessory Cart