Make Boomerangs, Frustrate Yourself

These free plans are for how to make a boomerang.

Kids love boomerangs. I've always been fascinated with boomerangs, though never actually gotten one to work.

When made and thrown correctly, boomerangs will describe a loop in the air and return to the thrower. Oak, maple, or any tough wood is best to use. Laminated construction (several thin pieces glued up to provide the required thickness) is best because of less tendency to warp. However, you can use solid stock 7/8" thick. In either case, band saw a piece to a size and shape to represent one half of the completed boomerang....

The diagrams also show some of the results of faulty construction and how to correct them. In throwing, use plenty of wrist action for a fast spin, yet not too much, as indicated in the lower left hand diagram. Test the boomerang on a calm day as it is erratic in a breeze....

autogyroHow to Make a Boomerang Plans

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