How to Build a Simple Outboard Boat

This fit-bottomed cruising kuyak has an over-all length o f 19 feet, 10.5 inches and a 38 inch beam.

A kayak that's hard to tip certainly isn't commonplace. North wind, with her flat bottom, has proved herself on the windy lakes and swift rivers of the Yukon; she's as stable as any you'll find.

Apart from that, buoyancy chambers make her virtually unsinkable. Designed for plywood construction, she's easy to build, light in weight and strong. Fine for long cruises, she has an ex-liner. This liner is nothing more than a length of thin-wall tubing with a .040 brass flange soldered in place as shown in the accompanying diagram. Smear the outside of the tubing with liquid pitch before forcing it through. the filler plug. Pour some additional pitch over the flange to seal the assembly, being careful not to drip any inside the tubing. When the pitch solidifies, brush the plug a few times with clear dope to eliminate porosity iri the balsa; then sand smooth. When the filler has dried, test the plug by submerging it in water. If a good sealing job has been done air bubbles will not appear. If they do, reseal with pitch. The neck of the balloon can now be stretched over the filler lug; apply some talcum powder...

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Build the Northwind