Kids Backyard Backhoe Plans


These plans are for a kid's sandbox backhoe plans.

Half-pint sidewalk superintendents will go ape for this boy-size, rugged, easy-to-build digger. A healthy lad can do wonderful things with a little loose dirt but a boy with his own backhoe is an earth-moving hero.

This stout, boy-size toy is rugged—but it won't gouge rocks out of a quarry or do much of a job in hard clay. Spaded backyard earth or beach sand are its natural elements.

The scoop can take out enough fill to load the average toy truck, and the boom swings in a complete circle.

The caterpillar treads rotate freely enough to permit moving the backhoe about. Begin with the caterpillar links (see first drawing). These are of maple or any suitable hardwood. The links are notched at either end to form a tongue and groove joint.