Miniature Weaving Loom - Make Textiles!


We think this is a particular cool project. When kids can make their own fabrics, how empowering and awesome is that?

These are plans for a small working hand loom for children and crafts.

Doll-house rugs, pot holders and dish pads of embroidery thread, yarn or ordinary cotton string, are hut a few of the many practical items that one can weave on this simple hand loom.

White pine is suitable for the frame, but the "heddle'' cylinder, which raises the warps alternately by merely reversing the position of the handle with each pass of the shuttle. should be made from a maple or birch dowel.

The cylinder, slotted as detailed, is made to pivot in slots cut in the rabbeted edge of the frame, and grooves cut lengthwise in the dowel, in which the edge of the shuttle may be held, serve to guide it easily between the warps...