Kick Power Boat Plans


a small foot powered kick craft. The catamaran design ensures stability and the kicking ensures speed! It's different, for sure.

From the plans: It's great fun to lie on the deck of this homemade catamaran, slip your feet into the toe-clips and paddle over the lake or bay, steering your course with the forward rudder using little effort.

Pontoons, of lumber, are joined with nails;—preferably galvanized —driven about an inch apart, and are calked with strips of cotton binding tape laid in marine or casein glue, or white lead. Plywood centerboards are screwed on the inside of each pontoon.

To use the catamaran as a sailboat, the paddles are fastened out of the water, the handgrips are removed from the rudder and a tiller is substituted. The skipper now faces in the other direction, with the rudder at the stern. The mast, tapering