Vintage Jet Ski With Outboard Motor!


A project before its time - the "Aquarail", is a pre-jet ski type boat using an outboard motor.

The most attractive feature of the Aquarail is that she's a fast, highly maneuverable yet safe boat. With a
high-pitch, two-blade prop on our 20-hp Chrysler outboard she does more than 35 mph carrying one person and more than 30 carrying two. With a lower prop pitch she would pull a water skier at close to 30 mph.

Unlike buying a Jet Ski and having a boat also, having a small watercraft like this means that you could use your outboard on both a jon boat and this jet ski.

But this Aquarail is not a jet ski short on functionality. There's plenty of room under the padded seat to tote such picnic comestibles as sandwiches and beer. And towels, bathing suits or tackle boxes easily fit along the foot well. Total cost for Aquarail—including the fiberglass bottom—ran under $100 when these were published. Hull weight finishes out at roughly 140 lbs.

But Aquarail has yet another attractive feature. Practically any motor up to around 35 hp will fit on her. Even the small motors give her a nice zip.