Wooden V Hull Boat Plans Outboard Motor


Small 12 foot wooden boat to be fitted with an outboard motor. The boat is a v-hull design, which will handle waves better than a flat bottom.

From the article:

If you want a lightweight utility boat with a nice turn of speed and easy handling, build the "Banta". A boat like this has a lot to recommend it -- simple, inexpensive construction, a one-man weight of less than 150 pounds, practically leakproof -- she's a smooth, easy sailor on any man's river. Good enough for rough water, too. The v-bottom of the "Banta" makes her a much better rough-water boat that conventional flat-bottom plywood construction. She'll ride 'em!

Banta is built upside down on a level surface, the most convenient method of working being to make a building platform, as shown in the drawing.

Planking for Banta is 1/4-in. fir plywood of the waterproof, resin-bonded type. Two standard 4 by 12-ft. sheets are required. One sheet will make the two side planks, while the other sheet will cut the two bottom planks and the deck. The side planks are applied first. Fitting is quite simple since the half sheet of plywood can be bent to the frames and held with clamps while the shape is being marked with a pencil. The planks are cut off square at the stem and will provide a flat of about 3/4 in. on which to land the outer stem piece. The bottom planks butt together at the keel and extend over the side planks. All fitting should be done dry, after which the permanent assembly can be made with cold resin glue.