Convert Radio to Shortwave Radio


These free plans will guide you to convert a classic home radio to receive shortwave transmissions.

Here is the most inexpensive route to short-wave listening—the conversion of a table model radio.

JUST above the broadcast band exists the bustling activity of various communications services. A sweep across the dial from 1.7 to 5.5 mc will tune ship-to-shore stations, commercial telephone, weather, WWV time signals, and the 80 meter ham band.

With little expense or special skill a table model AC-DC radio can easily be converted for use on these frequencies. The cost may be kept below $4.50 even if all the parts are purchased new.

Here's how it works. The tuning range of the home receiver is altered by replacing the antenna and oscillator coils and tuning condenser. The parts are readily available from local distributors or mail order houses.

Alignment, described later, is accomplished with signals received off-the-air. The converted receiver may be used with its original speaker. However, headphone reception, valuable for receiving weak stations, is provided for.