Vacuum Tube Hobby Radio Tuner


These are plans on how to build your own radio tuner. There is no amp in these plans.

Designed especially for high-quality reception of local broadcasts, this easily built unit uses low-priced standard parts and serves a number of practical, general-purpose applications.

Suitable for use with any radio amplifier or public-address system, it may be employed to bring educational programs into classrooms where they can be amplified by means of the school P.A. system, or, for regular broadcast distribution in hospitals, or similar public institutions where such amplifiers are available.

The experimenter can use this quality radio tuner to bring old sets up to date. Many of the older console receivers had excellent audio amplifier stages that are still useful, or he may prefer to build one of the several good inexpensive amplifiers described in recent issues, as any amplifier with an output of 8 watts, or more, may be used.