Lathe Quick Change Tap Holder


On your lathe you'll want this quick-acting tap holder.

If you are looking to make a tap holder to speed up the machining operations - this holder for taps on the lathe will make changing operations faster.

In addition to several turning jobs on hand for the lathe, there was one piece drilled, on the end, which required to be tapped. Being anxious to do this without changing the setting, the quick-acting tap holder shown in the drawing was devised.

The square shank of the tap is held in a swinging piece, clamped to the tailstock center, so that, when in use, the center fits into the center hole in the tap shank. When the tap is in position for use, it is located accurately by the pin, which also prevents it from lifting.

When the tapping operation is finished, it is only necessary to pull out the pin and swing the holder aside.