Gold Prospecting Dry Washer


Find that gold in them thar' hills! Vibrating dry washer separates gold from dirt.

ATTENTION, you gold diggers! If you are one of the thousands of Americans who dream of finding fabulous riches by panning for gold, chances are you're more than mildly interested in the new family sport of finding the glittering crumbs overlooked by the '49ers.

The fun of panning for gold becomes twice as exciting (and profitable) when you can work regions which are not swarming with other "claim jumpers." In his search for gold, the old-time prospector stuck pretty much to streams and riverbeds and passed up desert placers because of a lack of water.

The same holds true in the present day gold rush. But with this build-it-yourself drywasher, the modern-day sourdough and his vacationing family are able to work offstream!