Ashtray Made From a Fish Head. Seriously.


Some people mount that big bass on the wall. Why not make the most interesting fisherman's conversation piece possible, and turn that lunker fish into an ashtray?

While the thrill of catching a big fish lasts only a few minutes, the pleasure of reminisces, or telling your friends about it, can last for years if you mount the head to serve as a cigarette holder or ash tray.

When removing the head, it's best to leave about 2 in. of the skin on it. If you forgot to do this, the skin can be imitated with plaster of paris. After as much flesh as possible as been removed, the mouth is propped open with a stick so that it resembles the one in Fig. 2. Then it is placed in a bucket or can of 5 per cent-formaldehyde solution, Fig. 3. It should be left in this solution for at least 3 days, or it can be left until ready for use. When you are ready to mount the head, it is taken out of the solution, rinsed in running water as in Fig. 5, then dipped in denatured alcohol, Fig. 4, and hung up to dry. After it has dried, which will only be a few minutes, it is given a coat inside and out of water glass, Fig. 6. When dry ...