Your New Career in Atomic Energy!


It was the Atomic Age! And you, good sir, should consider your future career in atomic energy!

Tens of thousands of Americans are face-to-face with the opportunity of getting in on the ground floor - not of a new industry, but a new industrial revolution!

Today the atomic energy industry employs approximately 150,000. Within ten years it will need a million new workers -- and a good number of them in high-paying jobs for which the only training is inside the industry itself.

Will you be in on the boom--carving out a brand new career?

Business history is loaded with success stories of big-money executives who were smart enough to start with a baby industry and grow with it.

Image removed.Consider the most recent baby industry--electronics. Right after World War II when electronics ranked 40th in the list of American industries, three young aircraft engineers decided there would be a big demand for electronic control instruments. They formed their own company and worked in their home basements after their regular working hours. Today their company employs 600 and does a $10,000,000-a-year business.