Survive a WWII Air Raid in The USA


AMERICA has had plenty of time to learn from the grim experience of Europe how best to gird its cities against the air raider. Every bomb that spills flame over homes and factories and blasts stone and steel skyscrapers into rubble has given both a warning and a lesson in self-preservation to this country.

Yet with thousands of miles still intervening, insulating America from destruction by air, few on this side of the ocean have given serious thought to the problems of blackouts and bomb shelters and gas masks.

Image removed.Fortunately there are a handful of men-engineers, scientists, architects, university professors, government and private housing experts-who have heen giving practical thought to what would happen if tons of explosives begin raining on crowded American communities like New York City where, in the Bronx, there are 33,400 persons to the square mile..