Live Music in the Factory for WWII Production Morale!


This is an article about the connection between music and factory production during WWII.

From the article:

MUSIC, with its power to relieve monotony and reduce fatigue, is helping workers to set wartime production records. In thousands of plants workers have a daily accompaniment of tuneful melodies brought to them over loudspeaker systems while they are at their tasks.

Plants where musical programs are broadcast to working employees are estimated to number more than 5,000, ranging from laundries and bakeries to arsenals and shipyards; from textile mills and tobacco factories to airplane and tank plants. Even a battleship, evidently, can be built more efficiently to music, for production records were established in the construction of the new 35,000-ton Alabama, during which workers on the job heard six concerts daily from phonograph records played through an amplifying system.

Image removed.Successful use of music is by no means confined to war plants. Music and work have formed a partnership that apparently is here to stay.

In a San Francisco experiment, music was broadcast ton all floors of a large office building. Employers and employees alike said music helped them work more smoothly and efficiently. Several hospital operating rooms are wired for music, and reports are that surgeons and attendants do better and smoother work and the patients are soothed as well.