Ham Radio Operators and WWII


Amateur radio - "ham radio" operators - played a huge part during WWII. Neat history of a hobby that is still alive and well!

"Your radio transmitter is completely smashed by a falling chimney. How long will it take to borrow an old broadcast receiver from a neighbor and build a new transmitter from its parts?"

That's a sample of the questions that radio amateurs are being asked. Aware of the grave possibility that it may need to help defend America, the amateur world is preparing itself for action. Half a dozen different radio organizations are drilling over the air.

"Simulate destruction of your main transmitter. Rig up your emergency equipment and report back on the air as soon as you can," was another command that went out to members of one group.

Image removed.Recently when a club of amateurs assisted in nighttime army maneuvers, one operator was asked how much time he would need to get his portable station into operation in the battlefield, without even a match to help him see...