Farm Hay Bale Conveyor Machine


These plans are for a conveyor belt machine that is an elevator for hay and grain.

Tossing bales of hay around or scooping grain from truck to bin is a dusty, tiring job, as every farmer
knows. And always, during the harvest season, every minute counts. That's why elevators like the one pictured are so popular as farm helpers.

This one is especially handy because it's a self-contained unit mounted on a rubber tired trailer truck and fitted with a raising mechanism and a built-in motor drive.

All that's necessary is to back it up to the barn or granary, raise the conveyor leg to the proper height to deliver the hay or grain where you want it, plug the motor into the power source and you're ready for work, all in a matter of minutes.

The builder of this particular unit used the angles from old windmill towers for the conveyor frame, the trailer or truck was made up by working over a Ford Model-T chassis, and for the balance of the construction he used salvage from the farm scrap pile and purchased, new, such parts as sprockets, shafts and pulleys.

With this method of building, the unit can be put together for only a few dollars cash exclusive of the motor or engine. Wherever practical, the parts are arc welded for strength.