Make A Kite! Go Fly a Kite!


These free kids plans for for making kites of all kinds. Sure, kites are cheap, but building a kite is fun!

REQUIRING no tails to balance them in flight, here are three easy-to-make kites which will give you a lot of fun both in constructing and flying them. While dimensions given for the French war kite, Fig. 1, should be followed closely to assure perfect balance, the kite can be made any size provided the dimensions are increased proportionately.

The sticks should be lightweight wood such as bass, pine spruce.

The simplicity of the bow kite, shown in Fig. 2, makes it very easy to construct. Here a cross strip, bowed 3 in. with a cord stretched through slots made in the ends, is notched at midpoint as shown, to fit a similar notch cut in a center upright. When these two are joined a string is run around the outside of the kite and then the covering is applied as before.

To make the box kite in Fig. 3, four slot-ted uprights of identical size are assembled into two pairs of corresponding units by notched cross sticks. The units are joined then, into box-shape, and truss strings are stretched from the corner slots to keep it rigid and straight....