Electric Home Built Wood Lathe


These plans are for making a homemade floor mounted wood lathe.

Self-contained unit has four-speed V-belt drive, rigid iron bed, and a quick-acting tailstock.

With this lathe you can swing a disk 12 in. in diameter on the headstock or turn down a full-length table leg between centers. The headstock spindle is supported on auto connecting rods, bolted to a short length of channel which forms the base and is bolted to the bed.

A hardwood spacer between the rods holds the whole thing rigid. The 1/2-in. spindle runs in Ford spindle-bolt bushings which are pressed into the upper ends of the connecting rods and then reamed to give the spindle a freerunning fit. The spindle also carries two ball thrust bearings, one on each side of a four-step V-pulley.

A 1/4 horsepower eletric motor turning around 1750 RPM should be sufficient for the project.