Build a Electric Cement Mixer Plans


Mixing cement by hand is for the birds. These plans are for a small cement mixer.

A few spare hours spent building this mixer will save you many hours with a mixing hoe when you tackle that new driveway or barbecue. Made from a 10 gallon barrel and a 1/3 hp electric motor, this little cement mixer is the perfect size for small jobs around the home and ranch.

Though its capacity is small, the mixer is no bottleneck on the job. I get through more bags of cement
in less time than I did with a rented quarter-bag job. The 10-gal. drum is a type commonly used for soda fountain syrups, paint and bakers' supplies. Mine is 15" in diameter and stands 18" high.

The convenient handlebars permit you to roll it like a hand truck, and easily get through a basement doorway. The front legs of the frame can stand in a shallow form when you pour, eliminating the need for a chute or wheelbarrow.

A light welder, electric drill and hacksaw are the tools you'll need. Materials can come from a plumber's scrap pile- 3/8'' and ½" pipe, and a few short pieces of ½" rod. The mixing blades are bent from 16-gauge sheet steel and bolted to the inside of the drum at a slight angle.