Build a Concrete Block Brick Maker Plan


This plan is for a machine that makes concrete blocks and bricks.

That's right! 100 blocks per hour . . . provided you have the help and the space and racks to cure the blocks properly. Above you see the outfit complete, ready for work.

It's a self-contained unit mounted on its own two-wheeled, pneumatic tired trailer with a supporting
caster wheel under the drawbar. There's nothing to take apart and put together again when you move the machine. Merely disconnect the water hose and the power line, hitch it to a truck, and away you go.

Th mix is scraped and troweled into the molds, and then when full the mold is vibrated by means of a foot-operated take-off drive, and then the excess material is struck off the top with the fence or striker board.

Next, the crane is hooked to the mold and the ejector is swung into place. The mold is raised off the formed blocks, and finished blocks are moved to curing racks.

Much of the material in the plans can by made from salvaged car parts.