3 Piece Portable Rowboat


WHEN the three sections are taken apart and nested, this 12-ft. rowboat occupies a space only 6 1/2 ft. long, and by virtue of its thin plywood construction is so light that one man can easily stow it on top of his car, using a suitable cradle to hold it.

What a cool plan!

The boat is designed along standard lines, and construction differs only in the use of thinner plywood for sides and bottom. In fact, it is built up as a single-unit rowboat, and then sawed between the two double bulkheads to form the three sections.

It is highly advisable to use waterproof plywood, if it is available. If not, the ordinary grade can be satisfactorily waterproofed by giving it three or four coats of paint or shellac, taking care to work it well into the exposed edges. If the wood is not thoroughly waterproofed, moisture will loosen the thin layers of wood and ruin the boat.

In fact, all parts, whether directly exposed to the water or not, should be given two coats of paint or shellac before assembling lliem, and at least two more coats after assembling. Screws, also, should be seated in white lead. When not in use, the boat should be given an application of paint more frequently than an ordinary boat.