Plywood Rowboat Plans


These are two plans for rowboat. The first uses one sheet of plywood to build the whole thing, and the second is another traditional row boat.

From the plywood plans: THIS 11-foot hull will cost you only $35 to build and comes out of a single sheet of plywood. We used Weldwood Royal Marine Plywood for the job. It can be put together by almost any workshopper with a minimum amount of tools and time.

It rows smartly and gets a real burst of speed from a 3 to 5-hp outboard, actually planing like a runabout. It won't tip or trip with its generously flared sides and will take a rough clop. It can be lifted on top of a car by one man. It will carry up to four persons. The editors feel that it's impossible to get so much water transport anywhere for so little cost.

In cutting and assembly, you deal directly with the planking, first and last. Except for the transom, no other ribs are used- No precision jigging, alignments, plumbs, squares, angles, rakes, deadrise, coordinates, lofting or full-size layout is necessary. It can be done in a weekend, or if you prefer to work leisurely, two weekends.

The second plans are are simple and to the point, as is the boat. At twelve feet and four seats - one aft, two in the middle, and one tiny front seat - this looks like a good traditional boat.