Great Christmas Gift! - Make a Home Made Pipe!


These easy plans show you how to make a pipe in your workshop.

Stop dreaming of that pipe you would like to own. With a little skill and know-how you can make one yourself.

Briar root has been used for centuries in the art of pipe making because of its durability, close texture, burled grain and beauty; its ability to withstand years of hard use and hold a natural polish. The best briarwood is found along the Mediterranean coastal areas, Algeria, Greece, Sicily and Italy. The roots are used for pipe bowls and it takes anywhere from 100 to 175 years growth for the root to develop into a large enough piece from which small blocks can be cut.

After the roots have been dug, dried and cut, they are sorted into sizes and grades. It always pays to select the best grade for a really good pipe.

To start your pipe, before chucking the block in the lathe, sand the bottom and back square...