Long Range Experimental Flight Bow


Long range. That's the goal of a FLIGHT BOW.

The flight bow is the ultimate in the bowyer's field. Many flight bows are made, shot once and then abandoned. Or, they may shatter during that single use and go into discard that way.

Just the same, flight bows serve a valid purpose in the archers' world, for they are somewhat like the Formula cars in international racing—paving the way for future developments based on their performance.

To make a record-setting flight bow is the aim and dream of many a bowyer—a goal all too seldom realized. Because flight bows are the final word in bowyery they are seldom, if ever, commercially produced. You just cannot go into your nearest tackle shop and buy a flight bow You may be able to have one made for you, if you're lucky, but essentially the flight bow is a personal thing. It conforms to you and to your ideas. It may be the result of months of planning and days of work and when once it's finished, you will be faced with the decision as to whether or not you'll overdraw just once, in the big gamble which may—or may not—pay off.

For these reasons, any plans for a flight bow must be offered somewhat diffidently. They are the end product of someone else's thinking—not yours—and they may not embody the ideas and principles which you, as a bowyer, feel are necessary for success. However, the bow which resulted from these particular plans is a lovely thing, light in the hand, sweet in performance with no harshness on the hand.

Surprisingly enough, there seems to be no drastic stacking up at the end of the draw and there is comparatively little pinch. However, since all good flight shooting today is done by means of the hook, the matter of finger-pinch is relatively unimportant.