Hand Tools and Power Tools

This page will talk all about what kind of tools to buy.

Don't buy cheap tools if you expect them to last.

Read the above sentence again. And then again. We can't tell you how often people buy cheap tools when they should be buying good tools. This is not to say that cheap tools do not have their place — they most certainly do. Just know when to buy the good stuff.

We recommend you apply our two simple rules to your tool buying. Ask yourself how many times you plan to use the tool. If the tool is very job specific, and you don't see yourself finding many uses for it, buy the cheap one. No brainer. The other rule is to examine the cheap tools. Do they appear quality? Often you can tell a cheap tool that will break. If you're expecting to use it heavily, don't buy a tool that feels cheap.

It's that simple. 1) If the tool feels cheap, it probably is, and 2) It's only OK to buy cheap if it's disposable. Otherwise you'll spend twice as much because you'll need to upgrade later.

Harbor Freight is a great "cheap tool" place. We've bought air tools, hand tools and more from Harbor Freight. As a rule their tools aren't aren't necessarily bad, so long as you remember rule #1 and exercise good judgment.