DIY Band Saw Made From Pipe Fittings


Now this is DIY! A homemade band saw made from pipes and fittings, and a Model T? Yes!

You can build this efficient ball bearing band saw easily from standard iron pipe fittings, two discarded Model-T Ford front wheels, a single piston from the same car, and a few other pieces of scrap material. Good thing you've got that Model T in the back yard still, right?

The frame is assembled from 2 inch pipe fittings. You'll screw the fittings together tightly, then drill and tap the tees and the elbow for set screws so nothing shifts out of line.

After you set the spindles, you'll mount the drive pulley on the lower wheel. The pulley should be turned on a lathe, from hardwood, with a V-groove slightly less in width than the V-belt you use.