Build an Auto Giro Plane Model Plans

These plans are for an autogyro model. We have two versions of these plans.

From the plans:

autogyroBefore you conclude that this is a model of a helicopter, take another look. It's a model plane with a spinning wing, or rotor, that windmills in the slip stream of a conventional propeller to provide the lift necessary for flight.

The rotor is self-spinning and that's where the autogiro or gyroplane, as it is now called, differs from the airplane and the helicopter in appearance, in flying characteristics and also in construction.

And on the end of a control line it is a new experience for model-plane fans. Control-line gyros have been built, of course, and flown with fair success. But none could be considered spectacular performers. Some showed a persistent tendency to roll up in the control lines and some that performed satisfactorily otherwise developed an arm-shaking vibration.

autogyroHow to Build an Auto Giro Plans 1

How to Build an Auto Giro Plans 2