Build a Land Yacht Model Racer

These are plans for a vintage model racer "Land Yacht".

Land yachts are fun to make and exciting to race. Teamed up with a breezy day and some smooth pavement, they will provide your youngsters with hours of amusement.

Their construction is strong but surprisingly light. Thus, a strip of lead ballast must be tacked to the bottom of the cross beam if capsizing is to be avoided. With the exception of the capstan, which is made to be a snug, friction fit, all wooden parts are nailed and glued. The sail is secured with celluloid loops cemented in place.

Much of the yacht's performance depends on the wheels. For best results use 1-in. model airplane wheels. They are designed for lightweight objects and are easily obtained. Wire nails make good axles.

Whether you build a few or a whole fleet, this little racer will be a fun summertime activity.

Build a Summertime Racer Model