Build an Electric Powered Model Hydroplane Plans

These are plans for a battery powered boat hydroplane.

Hydrofoils have been around for some time, but even so, nothing on the boating scene draws every eye like a hydroplane lifting out of the water as it gains speed.

Even the U.S. Navy has been attracted to foils, and has tested them on its fast PT boats. The PS model shown here can be completed in a couple of work sessions.

Surface-piercing foils and air-prop drive give it speed and stability with minimum complexity. Construction is far simpler than you'd guess from the performance. Basically, these craft deliver greater speed because resistance against several small areas (foils) is considerably lower than against a complete, submerged hull. Resistance declines as the craft rises.

Completely submerged foils are the most efficient, but they require sensing and control systems to keep them at proper depth. Surface-piercing foils automatically adjust for depth—but they also have a tendency to create air bubbles that reduce lift.

The PS model uses a foil design that minimizes this undesirable side effect.

How to Build an Electric Hydrofoil Boat Hull Plans