Build a RC Air Boat Plans from Radio Controlled Parts

These are plans for a radio controlled RC boat hydroplane.

From prop to servos, all the gear in this sleek air-driven hydroplane comes directly from the world of the radio-controlled airplane, reducing the maintenance and control problems.

The "Miss Take"- an air-driven model hydroplane started with a plane crash.

There comes a time in every radio-control flyer's life when he has the urge to say the heck with planes and try something that won't turn into a pile of broken balsa chips at the first minor malfunction. It was at just such a time that Miss Take was born.

You'll find numerous advantages in an air-driven boat. It's easy to start, requires no complicated system of water cooling, and uses conventional airplane propellers.

The prototype used six channels, but you can get along with four if you're willing to forego the air rudder as a back-up steering system. At low speeds, this rudder doesn't function as well as the water rudder, but it's sufficient to bring the boat back to shore if the water rudder becomes fouled. At full bore, however, it's extremely effective—enough to flip the boat if you aren't careful, so be sure to drop back to half-throttle before trying it.

The fuel tank holds better than 10 oz., enough for a 10-min. run at low throttle with a KB-45. You can use any engine from a 19 up to a 45 in Miss Take. Anything larger than 45 is impractical.

How to Build a RC Boat Hull Plans