Build a Simple Mini Bike Plans

mini bike plans

These are plans for a vintage style mini bikes with a torque convertor. There are two plans - the first uses a junked bicycle for parts, and the second is the super old-school traditional mini bike style.

We've also found a lot of good information on free mini bike plans at the DIY Go Karts website.

mini bike diagramTake a small kart engine, add a slick variable-ratio belt transmission and you'll have a real performance 'bear' for half the cost of a commercial motor scooter.

On flat ground this scrappy little mini bike can hit around 30 mph. And when you come to a hill, the torque convertor will automatically downshift to a lower drive ratio to give you rugged hill-climbing power.

The best part is the machine's lightweight, low-cost design. The basic frame comes from a discarded 26-in. boy's bicycle, which you can usually pick up for a few dollars at a bike shop or junk yard. Most of the parts are stock bike or kart items, easy to come by and easy to assemble. Even if you start with a new engine, the entire scooter can be built on the cheap.

A simple mini bike is a great way to get you and your kids working together. You'll both learn a vast amount about small engines. It's a great way to encourage mechanical ability in your children. And if you give them a budget for custom work, watch thier imaginations fly dreaming up cool accessories and doodads.

mini bike diagram

Mini Bike From Bicycle Plans

Traditional Mini Bike Plans

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