How to Equip Your Chem Lab

These plans are about how to make your own experimenter's chemistry set at home.

It's a sad reality, but our children know little about the world of chemistry. Some of this is due to the liability-obsessed school districts which have cut chemistry courses. The other factor is the American government's ill-conceived war on drugs. For example, the State of Texas requires certain flasks to be registered in their war on meth. When outfitting your lab, read up on local laws!

A simple laboratory in which many miracles of chemical magic can be easily assembled at almost no expense. In fig 1 you'll find complete details for making an efficient Bunsen burner from pipe fittings and a few other odds and ends. Fig 2 will show you a test tube rack.

river boatA distilling condenser of homemade construction is shown in Fig 3. The plans also show a nice chemistry work bench.

Outfit Your Chemistry Lab