Site Map of Vintage Projects

Machine Shop

2 ton Shop Press - Screw type press.
Steam Engine Plans - Fractional horse power engine.
Air Compressor - Small sized compressor.
Low Speed Drill Press - Speed reducer.
Powered Hack Saw - Like a horizontal band saw.
Metal Shaper - Manually operated shaper.
Sheet Metal Press Brake - Small press brake.
Electric Shop Oven - Heat objects in the shop.

Lathe and Milling

Hobby Lathe
Turret Lathe
Lathe Ideas
Lathe Milling Attachment
Offset Taper Turning
Tail stock Pipe Center
Tap Holder
Live End Boring Bar

General Workshop

Battery Charger - Alternator mounted to a hand truck.
Electric Stencil - Anodize stencils into metal, tools.
Etching Pen - Etch your tools with this arc etching pen.
Engineer's Level - Tripod mount level.

Metal Working and Welding

Sand Blaster - Clean metal easily.
Gas Furnace  Melt lead, aluminum and brass in this small furnace.
Hardening Steel - How to case harden steel.
Spot Welder  Weld thin sheet metal together.
Welding Gun  A handy tool to tack parts together.
Auto Arc Welder - Make a DC welder that stows under the hood.

Wood Shop

Dremel Tool Adapter - Make patterns easily with jig.
Flip Top Table - Colonial style end table.
Gun Cabinet - Wood cabinet displays guns.
Radial Saw Table
Tree Caliper
BBQ Cart - Roll next to BBQ, holds things.

Musical Instruments:

Acoustic Guitar - Shop-made guitar.
Rebec Fiddle
Steel Guitar

Farm and Construction

Hay Bale Loader - Loads bales into trucks via conveyor belt.
Concrete Block Maker - Make concrete blocks (100 per hour).
Cement Mixer - Electric powered.
Mini Dump Truck - Like a golf cart with a dump bed.
Grain Elevator - Conveyor belt loads up to two stories.
Limestone Spreader - Back of truck spreader for roads, fields.
Manual Hoist - Winch made from car parts.
Hay Cart - Picks up bales for moving.

Tractor Attachments

Forklift - Lift heavy items with ease.
Hydraulic Lift - Add hydraulic lift to scrapers, blades, etc.
Post Hole Auger - Makes large holes for fences, etc.
Snow Plow Blower - Tractor-sized snow blower.
Tractor Scoop Loader - Front-end loader attachment.
Scraper Blade - Level dirt, move things.


Farm Tractor - Popular Mechanics 1939 tractor plans uses Model T parts.
Farmette Tractor - Popular Mechanics 1947 utility tractor.
Garden Tractor - Powerful small tractor for home use.
Midget Tractors - Three home garden tractors.
Simple Tractor - Two wheeled cultivator. Much like a tiller.
Two Wheel Tractor - Powerful two wheeled cultivator from car parts.

Outdoor Recreation

Pop-Up Camper - Fits on back of truck.
Gold Prospecting Machine - A drywasher.
Hauling Sled - Great for camping.
How to Back a Trailer - Also launching a boat.


Crossbow - Wooden repeating crossbow.
Flat Bow - Traditional bow plans.
Flight Bow - Distance-minded bow plans.
Recurve Bow - Newer technology for performance.


Outboard Carry Cart - Hauls or stores your outboard. 
Jet Ski - Uses an outboard motor.
Small Multi Use Boats - Paddle, row or propel with an outboard.
Flat Bottomed Boat - Similar to a jon boat in design.
Sea Skiff - Larger size wooden skiff design.
Anyone's Boat - Frame less row boat style.
Row Boat - A good wooden rowboat design.
Folding Kayak - Folds up flat and is easy to carry. 
Redwood Canoe - A wooden canoe.
Submarine - A wet sub, meaning you get wet.

Home and Garden

Garden Cart - Bicycle wheeled cart is easy to push.
Lawn Mower Trailer - Hauls 7 cu. ft.
Leaf Blower  - Push-type leaf blower.
Leaf Burner  - Roll this burner up to your leaf pile.
Mulch Maker  - Turn old reel push mower into a mulcher.
Snow Thrower - Gas powered hand push snow blower.
Rotary Tiller - Garden tiller plans.


Junior Backhoe - Mechanix Illustrated toy backhoe. 
Little Digger - Popular Mechanics toy backhoe. 
Merry Go Round - Electric powered.
Go Round - Flying swing contraption.
Squaris Wheel - A backyard ferris wheel.
Mancala - Based on a popular African board game. 
Falling Blocks Game - Simple vintage game.
Folk Toys - Collection of a few vintage toys.
Child's Ironing Board - Makes playing house more fun.
Doll Clothes Dryer - Keep's clothes off the floor.
Roll-A-Ball - A test of eye hand coordination. 
Skittles - Based on a popular English game.  Spin the top to bowl over the pins. 
Auto Giro Model - Plane with a gyro rotor for lift.
Land Yacht Racer - Model to race in your driveway. 
RC Gas Powered Boat - A fast running boat model.
Electric Hydroplane Boat - A battery powered design.
Spy Periscope - See over things and around corners.
Snow Toboggan - Vintage snow toy.
Electric Sidewalk Cars - Three battery powered sidewalk cars.

Mini Bikes

Mini Bike - Traditional plans.
Pocket Bike - A sub-mini bike.
Power Bike - Add a motor to your bike and you have a scooter.
Gas Scooter - A lean gas scooter.
Super Scooter - A larger scooter.

Go Karts

3 Wheeled ATV Cart - Big tires, off-road kart.
Golf Cart - A utility cart/Golf cart. Electric motors.
Go Kart - Free go kart plans. Traditional on road style.
Six Wheeled ATV - An experimental six wheeled ATV.

Snow Mobiles

Snow Sled - Airboat-style snow sled.
Snow Mobile - Enclosed cab airboat-style snow mobile.