Build A Peddle Boat

These plans are for a small bicycle powered craft. The catamaran design gives more stability.

Bouyancy and speed are two features of this bicycle boat. It consists of two pontoons and an old bicycle frame, held centrally above and between the pontoons.

Propulsion is obtained by the use of a ring and pinion gear, bolted to the pedal and sprocket, and a small three blade propeller connected to the gears with the appropriate gearing.

The pontoon is provided with two air vents made up of pipe fitting's, to prevent the pontoon from bursting when the air inside expands in the heat of the sun.

Be sure to apply glue to the fittings before screwing them in place over small holes drilled
through the deck, to make them watertight.

The pontoons are finished with a priming coat of shellac, four coats of good-quality exterior paint and finally a coat of spar varnish....

Build a Pedal Boat